Reluctant Sinners by Bliss Blood & Al Street

by Bliss Blood



Lyrics, vocals, ukulele: Bliss Blood
Guitars: Al Street


lyrics by Bliss Blood

Corruptible, I was led astray
Combustable, you know what they say
Blind dark alleys and a woman scorned,
Integrity lost is never mourned;
Reluctant Sinners, never born, but made.
Contemptible only if they know
Respectable in the parts that show
Tough facade and a face of stone
Hides a heart no one has ever known;
Reluctant Sinners, never let it grow.
Hard, fast, and beautiful
Two of a kind
On the street of chance
A double life is the only life you'll find.
Roughshod and elegant
The target's always small
Give 'em all the juice you got
'cause they're gonna make you crawl.
Irascible, don't get in my way
But touchable, I might just let you stay
Hollow triumph if you get that far
I show you everything except my scar
Reluctant Sinners, love to walk away
Reluctant Sinners, love to walk away
Reluctant Sinners, love to walk away.


released September 10, 2015
Recorded at Onliest Studios, Brooklyn, NY, Sept 10, 2015



all rights reserved


Bliss Blood Brooklyn, New York

Bliss Blood is a songwriter and vocalist who lives in Brooklyn.

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