PAIN TEENS Destroy Me, Lover

by Bliss Blood



from: GUTS OF DARKNESS website:

Translated from: French

Bliss Blood and Scott Ayers. You Do not Mess with the Bonnie & Clyde then. Two Natural Born Weirdos from Texas as pouacre and degenerate. And degeneration, it knows them. We know that 93 is the year when a good part of the American underground turns dark or murky. The Pain Teens, who are among the very few extremists do not get to a major label (blame their debut undue still color their benefits, a priori very unhealthy?) Have always loved to listen in there or it's evil. Perversions and abuse in rural America are their pipe sewer where they like to curl up, even though there remain alone in their style.

Never an album of Pain Teens as clean by entering spring is not. And yet it is their most accessible, their more rock, as evidenced this "Cool Your Power" which starts with a bang, frankly to be dancing. It is almost like familiar territory, but linking with the convolutions almost dark folk of "Prowling" is lethal.

Destroy Me Lover is already beginning to tighten its grip on the listener, the fangs sinking into the flesh as well as the fun begins to rise. The next song is called 'Tar Pit'. You're stuck, poor lamb, you can not extricate himself from now. A large fly as a fist flies in front of you, look there well, in 10 seconds the juices have dissolved as a knob of butter in Coca-Cola.

A small diversion arises: "RU 486" is a little minute of playtime of sadistic serial at the Buffalo Bill before the mirror, before the next song not outright turns cabaret.

Looks a little fiesta in Beelzebub, that "Dominant Man", right, with synthesizers on which is expected to see land as John Balance shout a lecherous pig. But no. Always in these muted whispers, and if we lean enough to, the lyrics reflect the discomfort of the festival then. Legitimate at that stage, not to see what trap the dirty disc wants to lead us.

Without reason, there is the side 2 title on this "Lisa Knew" where the voice starts still a bit to tangle brushes, not without going through a "Sexual Anorexia" shaped delirium at Butthole Surfers (talk show samples appalling in support), which further blurs a little more tracks. Happens abstruse and frankly very bad "Body Memory", confusion reigns. We do not know exactly where the wire is, where is what is the album there?

So that was it, she had to say, the bitch with red hair. Everything makes sense, titles, words, even this "Body Memory" shaped unconscious ascent. After something like that, I can assure you that the note is no longer any doubt, and that only can go silent, where well the horrible, unspeakable sound of childish trauma that resurfaced in a stupor taint. Moreover what is meant by the end of the title. Then the neuroses node that seems aimless convulse and left you on that, to you. To this end the album, these guys are maybe geniuses, but not nice geniuses, if I may.
(Thursday, May 9, 2013)


released March 11, 2015

Composed and recorded by Scott Ayers
with Bliss Blood
Lyrics by Bliss Blood



all rights reserved


Bliss Blood Brooklyn, New York

Bliss Blood is a songwriter and vocalist who lives in Brooklyn.

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